Sewing Machines from the Past to the Present
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General Chronology
1929 Thimonnier builds his first sewing machine named "Couseuse"
17 July
Barthélemy Thimonnier invents the sewing machine (date of the patent)
21 July
Thimonnier patents for "a chain stitch sewing loom as improved by Barthélemy Thimonnier since the 1830 patent"
17 October
Thimonnier patents the "Couso-brodeur designed to sew, embroider and make chain stitch strings"
Thimonnier leaves for Manchester pour organiser la fabrication des ses machines
1855 Word Fair in Paris : Thimonnier's Couseuse is granted the first class medal
Thimonnier builds his first shuttle stitch machine, then resumes his researches on the chain stitch
1857 Thimonnier dies
1872 Husqvarna manufactures the North Star
1883 Husqvarna manufactures the Freja (until 1925)
1903 The CB (Central Bobin) system is invented
1934 The first machine powered by electricity
1947 The first zigzag sewing machine
The first machine with a free arm
1953 Husqvarna invents the jam-proof hook
1955 The French Postal Services edit a 10 Franc stamp bearing Thimonnier's effigy
1960 Strechable stitches
The first sewing machine with automatic reverse feed function
1971 Husqvarna invents the pre-lubricated sewing machine (life lasting oiling)
1976 The first machine with electronic components
1980 Husqvarna 6690 : the first "writing" sewing machine
1994 Large embroideries
PC compatible machines
1999 The PC machine (3.5" disks...) : the Husqvarna Designer 1



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