Sewing Machines from the Past to the Present
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ELNA (1934- nowadays)

Elna sewing machines and presses were first invented and manufactured by Tavaro S.A.,
a company founded in 1934 in Geneva, Switzerland.

From 1940, the Elna 1, the first  free-arm electric sewing machine was retailed from Geneva. Elna produced numerous models of machines, the most famous being the Elna Supermatic, Elna Lotus, Elna 5000 (the first electronic memory equiped machine), Elna 7000 (thanks to cards its patterns could be enriched easily), and many others... (see the Elna short chronology). Besides the Elna Lotus was selected to be displayed  in the Design section of the New York Museum of Modern Art.

Independant retailers sold Elna sewing machines in the United States, but this grew insufficiant to deal with the whole american market, and in 1986, Tavaro decided to create an american branch of Elna in the United States; which was effectively done on April 21, 1986

Ten years later, in 1996, Elna International entrusted Tacony with the retailing of its sewing machines. Tacony is one of the leaders in retailing sewing machines. Thus, Elna USA was born.

The Elna CE 20

Nowadays, Elna produces many models of sewing machines, sergers, presses, steam irons worldwide. Models cover the scale of 'regular' mecanical sewing machines up to computerized machines embroidering large motifs, such as the latest model: the Elna CE 20.

For more information see the Elna Chronology.



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