Sewing Machines from the Past to the Present
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1940 Elna introduces first portable, free-arm sewing machine, invented by Ramon Casas
1952 Elna Supermatic – first domestic sewing machine with forward and reverse cam-controlled movement system
1968 Elna Lotus – first compact sewing machine, selected by the Museum of Modern Art in New York for its “Design Collection”
1972 Elna is chosen as the Official Sewing Machine of the Olympic Games in Munich
1973 Introduction of the Elnapress, a professional pressing system for the home
1978 Elna Air Electronic – first sewing machine with electronic center operated by a pneumatic foot control
1985 Elna 5000 – first Swiss sewing machine with an electronic memory
1986 First Elna overlocks introduced, featuring one revolution tension dials, recessed movable cutter with lockable blade system, marked adjustable pressure control, sliding thread guide for lower looper
1987 Elna 7000 introduces updatable stitch package through use of cassettes
1987 Elnalock L-5, first portable 5-thread domestic overlock, 2-needle, 2/3/4/5 thread machine
1988 First ironing press with a built-in sleeveboard
1989 Elna 9000 computerized sewing machine introduced – with 7 mm stitch width, face to face and mirror image, multiplication key, 6 memories
1991 Elna PRO 5 DC, first computerized domestic overlock, with exclusive electronic speed reducer
1994 Elna 905 DCX and 904 DCX – first overlocks with computer controlled tensions; 905 is first domestic overlock to offer a cover hem, 3.1 mm width, expandable programming with exclusive PRO Card™ system
1994 Elna introduces the 9006 computerized embroidery sewing machine, offering traditional sewing type stitches as well as automated hoop embroidery; EnVision Cards provide additional embroidery designs
1996 Elna 925 DCX – first domestic overlock to offer three variations of the cover hem, including triple cover hem
1998 EnVision embroidery software program introduced, compatible with home computer and Elna CE 20 or 8006 sewing machines
1999 Elna introduces 945 overlock – the extensive memory allows the sewer to have up to 48 built-in programs

Chronology originally published by Elna International


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