Sewing Machines from the Past to the Present
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27 April
The first Husqvarna factory opens
1872 Husqvarna manufactures its first sewing machine : the North Star
1883 Husqvarna manufactures the Freja (until 1925)
1903 The CB (Central Bobin) system is invented
1934 First electrical sewing machines
CBN class12 model ,
1947 First zigzag machine
First machine with a free arm
1953 Husqvarna invents the 100% jam-proof hook
(A modern version of this hook is fitted on modern Husqvarna sewing machines)
1960 Strechable stitches
Model 2000
1971 Husqvarna invents life-long lubricating
Model 6030
1976 First sewing machine with electronic components
1980 Husqvarna 6690 : first "writing" sewing machine
1994 Large embroideries
PC Compatible machines
... Husqvarna keeps on manufacturing sewing machines at the same place that has been the witness of its long history since 1689.



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