Sewing Machines from the Past to the Present
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Extraordinary story
"Tell me a story !"
"What kind of story ?"
"An extraordinary story, someting that has changed the World."
"Mmm... Once upon a time, a man, a simple tailor settled in a little village of the Rhône department in France..."
"Your story's not interesting! There's nothing extraordinary about a tailor in a little village in France."
"You think so ! This ordinary man did something extraordinary that changed the World."
"Really ! What did he do that was so nice?"
"This clever tailor invented the sewing machine"
"Hum... The sewing machine; you must be kiding! There's nothing extraordinary about a sewing machine!
"Are you sure? This tailor lived under Napoleon, at that time clothes were made by hand. Thanks to his invention they could be sewn in less time and for less money. In the early 19th century, it was extraordinary to sew with a machine!"
"Ok, today nobody sews his own clothes, though"
"That's right many people buy ready to wear clothes but how do you think these are sewn?"
"With a machine!"
"That's it! With a machine !Even if the sewing machine is no longer a household working tool it is necessary to our lives. All the more, it is used differently - it has also become a leisure object. An object that is a source of pleasure...
"Leisure? Are you kiding !"
"Imagine a mother's pleasure to see her child wear the clothes she's made for him, the pleasure of sewing patchwork, of quilting... the pleasure to say "I made this"."
"Who was this tailor? Tell me about him..."
"He's name was Barthélemy Thimonnier..."


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By the way, how long have we been sewing ?
Sewing is a 20 000 year old activity! In the 14th century, the needle is invented and is pierced with an eye during the following century. However, it is only in the early 19th century that mecanical sewing becomes possible thanks to a French inventor ! Since then, the sewing machine has been through a long evolution to become an essential device, the first device to have entered in households, a device which Édouard Herriot said to have "freed women of one of her servitude". This site is devoted to this revolutionnary invention which is often forgotten You will find information about its history and it modern evolutions...
Suivez-nous et découvrez la machine à coudre
sous toutes ses coutures !

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