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I want to buy a sewing machine. What should I pay attention to?

The key word is doubtlessly "compare". I could not insist more on the fact that you should visit all your local shops and compare the machines according to well-defined, OBJECTIVE criteria in order to make the best choice.

Here is a list of important characteristics that may help you to compare machines
- The maker or brand (it is perhaps the most difficult element to compare, because the well-known brands are not always that better compared to lesser known ones)
- Made in... (have a look at the place of manufacture)
- Guaranty? What length? nowadays the maximum is 10 years!
- Technically speaking (metal under-frame, screwed parts, life lubricating etc.)
- Stitches and other functionalities
- Can you adjust everything? (width, length)
- Is it easy to thread?
- ... ... ...


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