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I want to have a sewing machine appraised

Sorry, but we do not appraise any ancient sewing machines. You can visit other sites that are specialised in such appraisals.

Remember a "collector's" sewing machine has above all a historical value or a sentimental value that are both 'unpriceable'. People are often disappointed to learn that a sewing machine to which they attach great sentimental value is not worth more than a meal in a small restaurant. It is far better to keep one's grand mother's or great grand mother's in one's entrance granting her the only value it deserves: sentimental value.

An idea...
You may want to get rid of the sewing machine you bought years ago and that is covered with dust in the attic or basement, and that has been the cause of many nightmares for years. Why don't you try to have it taken in part exchange when buying a new one? Obviously, the more expensive your new machine will be, the more you will get for your old one.



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