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Yes, you've read it well ! It is a Jaguar... a Jaguar sewing machine.
Read and discover its history.

It is in 1949 that the first plant is built up and that the Maruzen Mischin Company is established to start the wholesale of sewing machines and parts.

In 1952, after almost three years in business, Maruzen launches the first zigzag sewing machine on the Japanese market. Somes years later, it strats spreading over the world associating with the giant merchandiser Sears, Roebuck & Co in the United States.

Maruzen becomes the tops exporter of home-used sewing machines in 1961. Thus, it receives an award from the Japan Export Committee in 1964 whereas Maruzen's exports reach 354 000 units. This very year, it associates with Quelle (catalog), the British retailer Frister & Rossman and with the French brand Thimonnier (which is the name of the inventor of the sewing machine, have a look at the articles about Thimonnier on this website).

In 1968, Maruzen receives another award for its outstanding performances : that is the "Symbol of Excellence" from Sears Roebuck. During the same year it starts manufacturing die cast arm and sintered metal parts (industrial process consisting of manufacturing parts by assembling metal powder into a part under the influence of pressure or heat without reaching liquefaction temperature, see the article about Husqvarna who patent a similar process in 1971)

A Europen branch open in Brussels, Belgium until 1977 when it will move to Dusseldorf, Germany. Two years later it is in Taiwan that a plant is built.

From 1972, Maruzen is awarded the "Symbol of Excellence" for five consecutive years. She had received it 4 years earlier. The next year, exportation reach an unprecedented level with 5 million units.

7 million units is the total export in 1978. During this very year the Maruzen company changes its name to Jaguar Sewing Machines Company.

Jaguar changes its name once again and becomes Jaguar Co., Ltd in 1989. It opens a plant in Zhuhai in 1995. It is granted the ISO 9002 certification as soon as in 1997.

Jaguar logo

Jaguar spreads over the five continents et feels it is necessary to show this global influence in its name in 1999 and becomes Jaguar International Corporation as well as reaching the second position in Japan as to sales quantity of domestic sewing machines.

Today Jaguar is one of the key companies that manufacture sewing amchines and sergers in the world.

La Jaguar Fantasy 977
The Jaguar Fantasy 977

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