Sewing Machines from the Past to the Present
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1949 Maruzen Mishin Company opens
Wholesale business of sewing machines and parts.
1952 Frist domestic zigzag sewing machine in Japan.
1961 Maruzen is top exporter of domestic sewing machines.
1964 The highest honor for a corporation in Japan is granted to Maruzen by the Japan Export Committee.
Contracts with Quelle, Frister & Rossman and Thimonnier.
1965 Stating to export to Europe.
1968 Award: "Symbol of Excellence" .
1969 Maruzen opens an office in Brussels.
1972-77 Award: "Symbol of Excellence" during five consecutive years!
1973 Total exports sky-rocketing at 5 million units.
1977 European office moves from Brussels to Dusseldorf, Germany.
1978 Exports reach 7 million units
Maruzen change its name to Jaguar Sewing Machine Co.
1989 Jaguar Sewing Machine Co becomes Jaguar Co., Ltd.
1995 Jaguar open its Zhuhai plant.
1997 Zhuhai plant receives ISO 9002 certification.
1999 Jaguar changes its name to Jaguar International Corporation
2000 Jaguar launches the first ever machine to be operated by a "Game Boy" : Model JN-100



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