Sewing Machines from the Past to the Present
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1860 Thomas White and William Grout founded their sewing machines manufacture in Templeton
1863 White and French left for Orange, Massachusetts
1867 The Gold Medal Sewing Machine becomes New Home Sewing Machine Company
1870 Home Shuttle et Home models
25 janvier
New Home Sewing Machine Company becomes New Home 
1889 New Home aquired the Orange Iron Foundry Company
1893 Climax, Favorite, Ruby, Rotary Models 
1898 A fire destroyed part of the New Home manufacture 
1906 New Home manufactured 150 000 machines per year

New Home aquired the National Furniture Company

1921 Yosake Ose et Shigeru Kamematsu founded Janome in Tokyo, Japan
1960 Janome aquired New Home
1964 Janome opened her own Researches and  Developments center
1979 First customizable computer machine: the Memory 7
1992 Janome invented thefirst multi-couleur computer machine with an embroidery circle
1 mai
In the United Statres, New Home shifts its name to Janome



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