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The following selection comes from personal browsing on thie Internet. These sites certainly deserve a visit just for the pleasure of discovery.

Ask Jeeves
This search engine searches several search engines. Very practical, efficient, and quick.

Copernic allows you to search many search engines.

Desert Storm
For those of you who are interested in the Gulf War (1990-91). This site is very well documented and allows you to communicate with other web surfers. Articles, official texts, photos, military strategies and above all an excellent forum.

It is THE search engine. You'll find everything and the rest... The links are seldom obsolete. You must know that Google organises its results according to the sites' popularity... You have to use it. Don't forget to browse other search engine...

You need info on Linux : you've found it !
Northern Light
This search engine offers a whole lot of pages as its data basis

This site makes available many web tools such as chat, forum...

This French server gives you plenty of space to publish your personal pages and gives you loads of advices to build it.

Le Quatuor Ó coudre
This site shows a very special use of sewing machines.

Rottweillers Vom Cńsarenkamp, Úlevage de Rottweillers
Lovers of Rottweilers will love this site.
It is very interesting and diplays a lot of information.
Photos, commentaries, polls...
In French and English !

Sim City 3000
If you enjoy playing Sim City 3000, you'll like this site. You can download patches, buildings, landings, towns and above all... cheat codes !
This official site is THE site to visit for SC3K lovers

Many softs waiting for you to download them.

Voila is THE French serach engine.

What Is ?
This site is a computer science dictionnary. You'll find everything you need to understand.



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