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Who is the webmaster ?

You may wonder who hides behind this site and who the ...  can open a site about sewing machines from the past to the present ?!

I was born in 1976 in Lunel, in Southern France. I now live in Saint-Egrève, a little town (about 15 000 inhabitants) in the neighbourhood of Grenoble, in the Alps.

I spent some time in the United States in New York, Orlando and San Franscisco and in Great Britain. I passed a Master's degree in Reading, England (about 100 km East of London) writing a master's paper entitled "Was the Gulf War Predetermined by the United States?".

This year,  I am taking a post-graduate professional diploma (DESS) in desiging multimedia products for languages learners at Grenoble University.

English is not my sole interest, actually I have several hobbies : the most clear-sighted of you all will have guessed that I am interested in sewing machines, either ancient or modern. I am also fond of computers; which explains the not so strange mix of sewing machines and the Internet and the post-graduate diploma. Cooking, going to the movies, reading are some of my other hobbies. Don't be surprised if you find miscellanuous links on this site.

I do hope you like this site and that it brings you useful information.

Browse away !

Au boulot !


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